Yes, this website’s now up and running!

It sounds, how should I describe this, a euphoric feeling to have something that’s actually working. That moment when something (like an app or a game or some other creative endeavor) actually works for you after all of that hard work, is so satisfying.

The drawback for maintaining this website, though, is that I’ll have the domain name for a year. Then, I’ll have to renew this when the time comes. Provided if I have enough money, it’ll be a breeze.

All of this sounds obvious to people who’ve maintained a website before, but to novices in website building like me, who want to have end-to-end control in everything, that feeling’s so nice, yet fleeting. Now I’ve got to buckle down and change the theme from this drab minimalist gray to something appealing.

Note: After fixing the config file to assure that any future updates get counted, the site’s now absolutely up!