I’m still improving on the second website since August (the website I’ve built from Node.js), and it’s a slow, but wonderful learning experience trying to piece everything together! As of yesterday, I’ve added pagination plugins there to ensure that if the quantity of posts get larger, that they don’t take up the entire home page.

It’s also making me think about adding pagination here too. Another improvement I’m also considering is whether to change the site’s theme from minima; I’m getting bored of it. If so, then I’ve got to consider planning from the ground up. I’ve taken a pic for my ideal look and feel for the site months ago, but I might adjust that too.

However, I don’t have enough time for that because I’ve got to add more links to this site’s footer, apply more fixes to the other website before releasing it, work on my other game projects, exercise more, apply for jobs, and wait for them. I am swamped…

All of that aside, I’ve also noticed that October’s here, which means that Inktober has started! Thank goodness I’ve been practicing my drawing skills on ink every night (I’m now focusing on faces currently)!

But, I wonder who I should start drawing next instead of random references?

I’ll just avoid any specific themes this Inktober, and just draw whoever or whatever I feel like.