I decided to give in and download RPG MAKER MV last Thursday, and I’m liking this software! I’ve already made a few characters and a little face avatar from its character generator! I can say that MV almost captured that same feeling I had when I downloaded the XP version 10, 11 years ago. I just hope this laptop doesn’t crash on me (it’s already 8 years old now!) the same way the desktop I used to own that had the XP version did. It took years to dredge up me and my family’s data from the desktop’s hard drive!

To be honest, I’ve been intentionally avoiding MV for a very long time now, since one of my projects that I’m developing right now is using RPG MAKER VX ACE already. I feel like I would be abandoning everything that I worked for (especially the bestiary I’m still working on there) over the past year or two if I transferred my project over. Plus, I have to resize the graphics from VX Ace in order to make it compatible with MV, so there’s that snag.

I’ll transfer my project there soon as a way to test MV’s power. If I like it on MV, that’s fine. But, I might keep the VX Ace version lying around and work on the project there.