I was supposed to put this up on Saturday, but I got lazy and I had other offline “business” going on at the time.

I’ve completed mapping the outhouse interiors and a house interior for the first town. After painstaking planning, using small-sized grid paper for the first draft, and equally tiring work, here’s a sample:

interior 1

I’m satisfied with it, but I feel like it needs more warmth (a few lighting fixtures, maybe? Or a new wallpaper?) in its look before I could call this part finished. Plus, I need to draw out the other interiors and the second floor parts.

Other work I’ve started on before the mapping are the credits plugin and the catalogue, or the item list, for the game. I’ve gotten down the broad strokes, or the “facades” of the window, for both of those so far. Now, I have to think about what the item list should describe other than the effects of the selected item. Maybe I could list how much of that certain item the player has accumulated so far in the game. Yeah, that’s possible.

On a side note, I should make an updated backup for this game soon. The scare came when my phone froze this morning while I was about to access the YouTube app. At that point, I feared that I had to reset everything back to their default settings, so that meant goodbye notes, and photos!

Luckily, that didn’t come to pass, as I did a soft reset on the phone, which worked.

GitHub’s useful as a backup, but crudely so, though I do have a repo for ar-prinz up there. The company who manages the site stated that it’s not designed as a backup for projects, since I’m guessing that its servers might go down someday.