It’s been a while since I wrote something here! Apologies.

Hope everyone had a good holiday, and a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Well, where should I start?

So far, I’m still busy doing many things at once: maintaining and updating my second website (I usually post more there nowadays), trying to put up the page for my RPG, planning the story and characters for the RPG, updating my resume and job profiles, among other tasks.

In other news, this old Toshiba laptop that’s served me well for nearly a decade just blue-screened on me back around mid-December. After running tests on it, I decided that the culprit of the crash came from Google Chrome (the crash initiated after having too many tabs on the browser), and so I had to say goodbye to that memory waster of a browser immediately.

I’ll post some more updates on ar-prinz soon. I’m also thinking of changing the title of ar-prinz to something else.

And, I think, that’s it for now…