While taking the family dog out for a walk, I noticed a garage sale going on a few houses down. Being the curious person that I am, and knowing that “one [person]’s trash is another [person]’s treasure,” I decided to check it out after walking the dog. I was expecting to find more t-shirts and sweatshirts. Though, I seriously need to get more ties and blazers, which the sale had, but I had a feeling none of the clothes would fit me. What caught my eye, however, was this programming book.

After looking through it for a few minutes, I considered getting it since I’m trying to brush up on Python too. But, after thinking about it during a walk around, I decided not to buy it since it would end up collecting dust anyway.

The book uses a graphics library called turtle, intended for beginners, mainly kids, for coding practice. However, I initially thought I had to install the library separately! After a search, it turns out it was already built-in to Python! Once I got back, I quickly started practicing with turtle, and looked up samples online for reference. In the end, I drew a few circles and spirals.

What turtle brought back for me, in my mind, was that sense of fun in programming I didn’t have in awhile.