How should I start this?

My name is Niccolo-Luise Poblete, or Nico for short.

I had a special interest in wanting to make games since I was very little, and I did some stuff around that area, but I didn’t think of actually programming them until I stumbled onto RPG Maker XP back in early 2006, IIRC. That software had this scripting feature for “advanced users,” a library called the Ruby Game Scripting System, or RGSS, which used Ruby as its base. Because of my need to control the smallest parts in my creations, naturally, I decided to go into computer science and to take up software development as part of my career plan after high school.

I’m also an amateur artist and writer (I don’t do fanfics, however!) in my spare time, though I still refer to myself as a student, since I believe it’s never too late to learn, or relearn, anything.

My other interests are cooking, fencing, analyzing media, art, boxing, basketball, social issues, and recently, politics.