I feel a bit confident today, so I’m going to mention another thing I’m doing right now.

At the same time I’m developing ur-prinz, I also have another game in development. While reading a dissertation paper last March that focused on procedurally-generated Zelda dungeons (I’m a fan of procedural generation, especially ones that involve making dungeons!), I stumbled upon this Action RPG engine called Solarus, which was used to complete that dissertation.


After downloading Solarus, I decided to use the engine to continue making a game I shelved off. This game was originally meant to be done all in Java, but due to other conflicts, and a loss of interest and ideas, I couldn’t make it work, and so I scrapped it around 2016.

Though I learned Solarus’s built-in scripting language, Lua, back in late 2016, I did have a bit of trouble starting out the scripting end, since the game engine’s documentation looked quite daunting. Plus, the tutorials were a bit long, though, in a way, helpful. After reading through a few examples from games that used Solarus, however, I finally managed to start on something.

In another post, I’ll mention the progress I made so far with the game, since I took plenty of photos for these features.